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Validating the Chiropractic Model- Premise 8

Premise 8-“Decreased mechanoreceptive input results in less inhibition of nociception (less inhibition of stress response and sympathetically induced muscle spasm and vasoconstriction) and to decreased essential afferent input into the cerebellar-brainstem-cortical loops that have been recently shown to coordinate homeostatic cognition, affect (emotion), visceral function ( including immune organs) as well as movement, muscle tone and posture.”

Simplified-  Proper joint movement in the body not only can allow you feel better, it can allow you to be healthier. (Also Chiropractic adjustments fire mechanoreceptors directly)  When the joints of the body aren’t moving enough, you can have more muscle spasms and stress responses ( see previous articles) and decreased motion can actually affect your immune system, muscle tone, posture and even your emotions.

Dr. Travis Heckes