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It’s About Time! Chiropractic’s Usefulness Recognized in Orthopedics Today

Praise for chiropractic recently came from an unlikely source, namely, Orthopedics Today, which featured an article titled, “Time to Recognize Value of Chiropractic Care? Science and Patient Satisfaction Surveys Cite Usefulness of Spinal Manipulation.”

In the article, Jack Zigler, MD, orthopedic spine surgeon with the Texas Back Institute, states, “There are a lot of myths about chiropractic care. I decided to look into each of these myths, and what I found is that chiropractic education, side-by-side, is more similar to medical education than it is dissimilar. Chiropractors work for us as screeners for surgical pathology. They can do the same work-up and send the patient who has already gone through his conservative treatment and had all his diagnostic work done to the surgeon.’

Additionally, Scott Haldeman, DC, MD, PhD stated, “About 10-12 international guidelines have suggested that there is some benefit to chiropractic spinal adjustments. If we look at their basic guidelines, manipulation has consistently been accepted by independent government and scientific bodies as being a valid form of treatment.”

Andrew Cole, MD, associate clinical professor of rehabilitation medicine at the University of Washington and recent past president of the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, gave the strongest overall endorsement when he said, “Overall, chiropractic has the advantage of reducing pain, decreasing medication, rapidly advancing physical therapy and requiring fewer passive modalities.”

If you or someone you know has been waiting for third party valuation of chiropractic care before trying care in our office, this should do the trick. Our office has experienced considerable success in relieving pain, allergies, fatigue, stress– just to name a few. If you or someone you know is suffering from pain, stress, lack of sleep, or you simply would like to achieve optimal health and wellbeing you may want to consider being evaluated. Please contact our office to schedule your evaluation!

Well Adjusted! Research Reveals Patients Very Satisfied With Chiropractic Care

When your spine is correctly aligned, your nervous system tends to function at its most optimal level. You may ask: why isn’t everyone getting “well” adjusted? Well, as a matter of fact, there are millions of people getting adjusted and they are expressing their rave reviews…

The results are in. Studies have shown that chiropractic patients tend to be more pleased with their care than patients of medical doctors. The odds are good that you are one of the many people who are highly satisfied with your doctor of chiropractic (DC) and their level of treatment.

Yet another study points out the high level of patient approval regarding chiropractic care. In the study published in the Journal of Neuromusculoskeletal System, researchers examined aspects of clinical care in chiropractic practices and determined patient satisfaction with treatment.

One hundred seventy-two DCs and nearly 3,000 of their adult patients who had sought treatment at least once previously completed questionnaires during a visit. The data obtained on patient satisfaction are listed below:

  1. 88% of patients felt the DC always respected their opinion
  2. 85% said their DC always listed to them carefully and explained treatment clearly
  3. 82% said their DC never recommended an excessive number of visits
  4. 76% claimed their DC involved them in decisions “as much as they wanted”

Our office has experienced considerable success in patient satisfaction. We utilize the state of the art technology, the ProAdjuster, to identify the source of your ailments. In fact the ProAdjuster’s revolutionary technology has received a patient satisfaction rating of over 92%. If you or someone you know is suffering from aches and pains, allergies, lower back pain, arthritis, fatigue, or insomnia, you may want to consider being evaluated with the ProAdjuster. Please contact our office to schedule your evaluation! You have nothing to lose but your aches and pains!


If It’s Good Enough For Them…

I came across an interesting article the other day you may be interested in. A recent “Harvard Health Letter‘ survey indicates that of the more than 15,000 Harvard Medical School faculty physicians who responded, approximately 13 percent, or almost 2,000 in total, have had or are under regular chiropractic treatment. This is approximately 50-75% more than the national average of Americans seeking chiropractic care. These doctors obviously know that chiropractic plays an important role in health.

Results from the survey, which covered personal health habits including alternative medicine use (which included chiropractic), diet, exercise, vitamin use, body weight, smoking, and more, were reported. Half of the respondents chose “curious”, “open-minded”, or “enthusiastic” to describe their attitude towards alternative medicine. Older doctors were more likely to be skeptical of alternative treatments than younger ones, as were male doctors compared to female ones.

This makes you think, “if it’s good enough for them…” You go it! It’s certainly good enough for you loved ones!

Chiropractic can play an important role in helping you achieve optimal wellness and relieve the aches and pains associated with our fast-paced lives.

If you or someone you know is suffering from pain or stress, or would like to live a fuller healthier life, you may want to consider being evaluated with the ProAdjuster. Please contact our office to schedule your evaluation. You have nothing to lose but your aches and pains!

Years May Pass Quickly, But Your Health Doesn’t Have To…

As you get older, the aches and pains seem to gradually intensify and typically those pains seem to worsen before they ever get better. You feel it everyday. You can no longer play the piano as easily; or do the everyday tasks that once seemed simple– even getting out of bed can be debilitating. However, aging should not be your reason for living with pain.

It has been said that over sixty million people in the U.S. have been treated with chiropractic care, and that number is growing. In fact, more and more people are visiting and paying for their care to go chiropractors, stated an article from Journal of the Geriatric Society.

The article listed the following as vital information concerning people who go to chiropractors:

  • About half of people over 55 see a chiropractor for mild or moderate complaints, usually low back pain.
  • Patients with more severe complaitns tend to seek both traditional medical care and chiropractic care.
  • People who use chiropractic care are more likely to be focused on wellness, eating habits, and healthy lifestyles, and prefer not to take medications.

if you or someone you know is suffering from arthritis, joint pain, lower back pain, or other aches and pins, you may want to consider being evaluated by a chiropractor. Please contact our office to schedule your evaluation. You have nothing to lose but your aches and pains!