Chiropractic is the #1 Choice in Natural Healthcare

   When one or more vertebrae lose their normal position due to your daily activities, injuries, or other stressors they interfere with the nerves they were meant to protect. This misalignment of the vertebrae and pinching of the nerves is called subluxation. These chiropractic subluxations can lead to pressure directly on a nerve leading to radiating pain, cause irritation to local nerve endings, or prevent certain nerve endings from communicating with the brain. 

   Muscles around the spine often tighten up around the spine to try to help protect the area, leading to more discomfort.  Even with stretching, the problem often doesn’t go away if there are still out of place vertebrae.

  Disease can also enter the picture when subluxations- nerve interference- caused by our everyday activities- chokes off the communication that keeps the body operating at 100% and prevents natural healing. Some of these health problems include:

  • Headache, pain at the base of the skull, pain or numbness of the face, stiffness or loss of normal movement of the neck, neck pain, shoulder, arm and hand problems including pain numbness and loss of strength and nerve related problems involving eyes, ears, nose and throat.
  • Tension between the shoulders, mid-back pain, pain wrapping around the rib cage, problems affecting the heart, lungs, stomach, gall bladder, and other digestive organs.
  • Low back pain, pain in the legs, disc problems, hip and sacroiliac pain, groin pain, lower abdominal pain, bladder and bowel problems, many different reproductive problems, and circulation problems in the lower body.

Chiropractic is PROVEN!

Chiropractic has over 100 years of successful treatment for health and wellness, so this is not new or experimental.

Chiropractic is now the 2nd largest primary healthcare provider in the western world.

Chiropractic has a 95% satisfaction rate with patients! IT WORKS!

Chiropractic is NATURAL!

The body naturally heals itself through a system- a central nervous system. The body knows what it needs to be healthy. When there is no nerve interference, the body can better diagnose itself and heal itself through this nervous system. The FIRST choice of healing should be natural before resorting to drugs with all of their harmful side effects and risks of addiction.

A Chiropractor has been uniquely trained to locate and remove the nerve interference so the body has the 100% capacity to do what it has been made to do- heal itself.

Custom treatment options for you!

   The spinal or extremity adjustment is the most important part of any Chiropractic visit.  It is what Chiropractors, and only Chiropractors, are specially trained to do.  We have several different approaches available for the adjustment.  Traditional manual chiropractic adjustments,  very low force ProAdjuster technique, and a hybrid technique.  In addition to the adjustment, various additional therapies and procedures may be suggested to help you feel better, faster. 

We will show you how to improve your quality of life.

  • Average Life Span In 1900: 49
  • Average Life Span Today: 77.6
  • 85 in 100 adults currently experience back pain

This short presentation will give you the secret on how to stay young the first 100 years. Do I really need to learn how to stay young for 100 years? This sounds farfetched and ambitious. It’s really not. You need to start thinking about what it means for you and your family to live a long time.

Let’s look at the facts. The average life span is 77.6 years and growing. In a recent study scientists at The University of Texas reported by the year 2015 there will be more than 800,000 Americans over the age of 100. And many will be living to 150. So yes, this is a topic you and your family need to know about.

If we’re going to live for 100 years, we need that long life to be a quality long life. We don’t really want to exist on this planet, we want to work play and live on the planet. We want to have a quality life. This is why our presentation is so important about chiropractic for you and your family. Call our Overland Park office today to reserve your seat today and learn the secret to learn how to stay young.

Improve Your Game Now.

Did you know that every single professional football team utilizes chiropractic care? Isn’t it time you improved your game with chiropractic? Contact our office today to gain a competitive edge.