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Meet Dr. Travis Heckes

Choosing a Holistic Approach

Dr. Heckes was pre-med in college, but became increasingly dissatisfied with the direction the medical community was heading, focusing on symptoms and disease rather than on the patient. He was looking for an approach that valued the person.

As a runner, he had experienced back pain and got excellent results with chiropractic care. So he checked into the bigger picture of chiropractic as a career and learned that it wasn’t about symptom management, but about providing a holistic way to correct underlying causes of problems.

Dr. Heckes attended Cleveland Chiropractic College Kansas City, earning his Doctor of Chiropractic in 2002. He practiced in South Central Kansas for a few years, before moving back to Kansas City and opening Comfort Chiropractic in 2006. He has additional training, including

  • Certified Chiropractic Wellness Lifestyle Practitioner
  • Trained in instrument-assisted adjusting
  • Trained in kinesiotaping
  • Trained in instrument-assisted soft tissue work

Feel Better, Live Better

Whether it’s helping a patient get relief from a small, nagging twinge or getting them back to work after suffering debilitating pain, Dr. Heckes loves helping people feel better and live better. He enjoys educating patients about the nervous system and how it controls everything that goes on in the body—and how chiropractic care can help keep the nervous system free of interference and working at its best, so the body can heal and function optimally.

Over his fifteen-plus years in practice, Dr. Heckes finds that most patients seeking care are searching for a natural approach to pain relief. They are not hoping to adopt an entirely natural lifestyle, but are eager to find a solution to their problem that doesn’t involve medication or surgery. We are pleased to provide patients the type of care they are looking for, to help prevent people from becoming dependent on opioids or other medications, and to get them back to enjoying their lives.

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Integrity doctor logoAway From the Office

When he’s not at work, Dr. Heckes can usually be found building or fixing things, including projects around his yard and house, rebuilding old bicycles or tinkering with something.

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